It’s estimated that every year in the U.S. over 6 million dogs and cats end up in shelters, over 60% of which are euthanized. Proper screening and education go a long way in helping to reduce these startling numbers.


The mission is to bring these pets from despair to her rescue care, and ultimately to finding their forever home. Get to know Kathleen’s outgoing, outspoken, and energetic personality as you follow along on her rescue adventures. Kathleen entertains and inspires viewers by showing that people who care can make a difference for pets in need. The show highlights topics such as microchipping, spay/neuter, breed selection, training, re-homing, and health — bringing a positive message and awareness to responsible pet ownership. Join Kathleen on her quest to make a difference for shelter pets, for like all of us, they are very important — very important pets. Kathleen is the heart of Project VIP!!

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