About Kathleen’s Rescue Efforts

kath and dogs

Kathleen Dudley’s involvement in companion animal rescue began in 2003 after a visit to an animal control facility to adopt a dog. “I was shocked to see so many wonderful dogs and cats sitting in cages, all facing the unfortunate fate of euthanasia for no reason other than being lost or unwanted; it was at that moment I knew I had to make difference and help these pets find the loving homes they deserve.” Within a week of her visit to the shelter, Kathleen connected with a rescue group and went back weekly rescuing over 250 dogs and cats over the next several months. Since 2003, Kathleen has extended her rescue efforts to help animals around the country. She spent a week in New Orleans rescuing abandoned and lost pets immediately after Hurricane Katrina. Through her work, she has established and built relationships within the pet care industry and developed a strong rapport with many veterinary clinics, pet product manufacturers/retailers, rescue groups, and pet adoption facilities. Kathleen receives hundreds of emails every month from shelters and rescue organizations requesting help for dogs and cats in need, as well as pet owners in need of advice on how to find their lost pet or re-home their current pet. For that reason, she has created Project VIP (Very Important Pets) a popular reality based TV show, which just wrapped it’s second season. The show follows Kathleen’s rescue efforts and allows her to get her vital message to a much broader audience. “My goal is to help people be better pet owners, and prevent so many pets from ending up in shelters.” To date, Kathleen has rescued over 2,900 dogs and cats, and has found that there is a tremendous need for knowledge regarding pet ownership, care, and basic pet education.

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